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The Adventure of The Bader Primary
1. The Adventure of The Bader Primary

Ref: LMMM4

Price: 9.99


Muriel is a kitsch-witch and with her familiar friend, Dalii the anteater, she paints magical murals inside schools. They come alive at night.

The "Aventure of the Bader Primary" book is created by Dean Wilkinson and Rebecca Morton and combined with the Dyslexie font our aim is to encourage dyslexic, non-dyslexic, SEN and reluctant readers to enjoy the chaotic adventures that unfold in Muriel’s Murals.

Books created using the Dyslexie Font B.V. created by Dr Christian Boer. Special font designed to make reading a less arduous task for dyslexic, SEN and reluctant readers. The ‘font for all’ which all children can read and enjoy.

Age: 9 years+
Pages per book: 56 pages

Muriel's Murals - The Adventure of Beaufort Primary School is also available to buy from us today.

Small World Design Children's Nursery Rhyme Posters
2. Small World Design Children's Nursery Rhyme Posters

Ref: NR001

Price: 11.95 (Inc  VAT at 20%)


Our Small World Design nursery rhyme posters are colourful, educational and a must for all nursery rhyme lovers both big and small.

2 Large A2 full colour wall chart posters in one handy pack with fun illustrations with easy to read and learn rhymes.

12 well - known and loved nursery rhyme favourites:
- Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
- Little Miss Muffet
- Hey Diddle Diddle
- The Owl and the Pussy Cat
- Humpty Dumpty
- Hickory, Dickory, Dock
- Doctor Foster
- Little Bo-Peep
- Old Mother Hubbard
- Jack and Jill
- Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
- Sing a Song of Sixpence

The posters are ideal for decorating children's bedrooms, nurseries and classrooms.

Important for early years development and for developing key skills such as language, literacy, communication and confidence.

Unique posters only available to buy on-line from us. Not available in shops.

The posters are suitable for children age 2 and above.

Nursery Rhyme Posters Large A2 Poster Sizes: 420mm x 594mm each

Made and designed in the UK.

Dyslexie Font Fun Poster Pack
3. Dyslexie Font Fun Poster Pack

Ref: DFFP001

Price: 9.95 (Inc  VAT at 20%)


NEW! Dyslexic products from Small World Design, the Lexie Mouse, "Dyslexie Font Fun Poster Pack" contains 4 A3 full colour fun posters:
- Colours
- Opposites
- Shapes
- Months of the Year

This new, modern, eye-catching font encourages children to enjoy the learning process together, as it can be read by both dyslexic and non-dyslexic children!

The Dyslexie Font typeface, used on our dyslexic products was created by Dr Christian Boer of Dyslexie Font B.V., and is a revolutionary font, designed to simplify life for those who have dyslexia.

A number of early learning subjects covered such as: literacy, shapes, colours, opposites and months of the year.

Contains 4 colouful, dyslexie font, educational learning posters in one handy pack.

Perfect for early learning at home, nursery, reception and primary school.

These Dyslexie font posters are an ideal educational resource for parents, nursery, primary school teachers and childminders teaching both dyslexic and non-dyslexic children.

Eye-catching wall posters for playrooms, nurseries and classrooms.

The Dyslexie Font Fun posters are suitable for children age 2 and above.

Size: 420mm x 297mm

Made and designed in the UK.

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