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Small World Design is a small UK freelance graphic design company based in Preston, Lancashire that specialises in the production of children's literature and merchandise.

As freelance writers, graphic designers and illustrators we are constantly designing new products for little kids and big kids in the UK and world wide.

Small World Design

Small World Design Products for Sale Online

Our range of Small World Design children's products including fun, colourful children's wall friezes, A3 posters, dyslexic products and 3D card construction activity packs are available to buy in our online shop on Amazon all at great prices.

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The online range includes fun, brightly coloured educational ABC posters and Counting posters, ABC and Counting posters to colour-in, ABC friezes, Counting friezes, Rhyming books and Counting books, height charts, dyslexic products and the Koolborgs 3D Card Construction Activity Pack and the Pony Riding School 3D Card Construction Activity Pack.

Products Designed and Manufactured with Sport and Playbase Ltd

The following products have been designed by Small World Design and manufactured by Sport and Playbase Ltd - Hopping Hare children's exercise mats, children's map rugs, a range of Caterpillar and Mouse Boat Race playmats and lots of children's jigsaw playmats. These can all be bought direct from Sports and Playbase Ltd so click here to buy from Sports and Playbase Ltd now.

Lexie Mouse Design Ltd - New Early Learning Products

Lexie Mouse Design Ltd, our sister company, working in partnership with Dyslexie Font B.V, have designed and developed a new range of children’s products incorporating the Dyslexie Font. This unique font allows children with or without dyslexia to enjoy the learning process together!

Early Learning Books
‘Lexie Mouse and Friends’ are an exciting range of colour banded, early years books for children, introducing a group of cool mice - Lexie, Jools, Jaz, Toots, Roxy, Mo and Fang the dog!

The coloured book band sets comprise of 7 books aimed at early readers and they are designed to fit in with current, common book bands used within KS1 classrooms. These delightful and fun books will make a great addition to any school library.

The first 21 books (3 packs of 7 books) in this new range are now available to buy from our distribution partner Bigjigs Toys and TTS Educational supplies. Click here to buy from TTS Educational supplies now.

Muriel's Murals Books
Muriel is a kitsch-witch and with her familiar friend, Dalii the anteater, she paints magical murals inside schools. They come alive at night.

The books are created by Dean Wilkinson and Rebecca Morton and combined with the Dyslexie font created by Dr Christian Boer our aim is to encourage dyslexic, non-dyslexic, SEN and reluctant readers to enjoy the chaotic adventures that unfold in Muriel’s Murals and are suitable for children age 9+.

The Muriel's Murals books are available to order online from our Amazon shop.

For further information regarding early learning books and all our other products, posters, friezes, flash cards, games and stickers by Lexie Mouse Design Ltd click this link to go to our new website.

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